Monday, September 23, 2013

MTC Life (August 23, 2013)

Here's just a few of the things that have happened this week - I met my district, I met my companion, I practiced teaching investigators, and spent lots of time in a hot classroom. There were plenty of headaches accompanying that heat, but such is life. I still felt the spirit.

No Elders in your district='SDL's: Sister District Leaders. The only reason I know this right now, is because I have a packet to read, sisters to interview, and a district meeting to set up - I've been assigned (The MTC doesn't make callings, instead it gives assignments) to work as the 'SDL' for our district. So I'll be pretty busy - above all it's been a reminder for me of just what President Stice was trying to help us understand - the importance of obedience, as now I need to be an example of obedience.

Two last things, before I have to wrap up - one is a rant, which I hope is not one that takes away the spirit, but it was something I shared with my sisters last night on "Sister Simms's Soapbox". Last night we were reminded of the importance of modesty. Modesty is truly important, but I would like to offer this perspective on modesty for sisters. As sister missionaries, we must adhere to a stricter standard of modesty than we have heretofore. The reason often given for that modesty (and shared with us in a meeting last night) is that the Elders, and all boys, are like 'dry weeds covered in gasoline'. I hope I am not being contrary by disagreeing with that reason. Dear family and friends, we are not showing respect to the wonderful Elders, men and priesthood holders in our lives when we act as though they are animals that cannot control their thoughts or desires. Modesty is a concept for all of us, the real reason being, because it is a covenant that we have made, and we are to respect that covenant. It does help others to keep their minds on spiritual things, but the reason we adhere to the standards we do is out of respect for our Heavenly Father's desires for us. Modesty is a protection, but we are not to judge others for not believing in that protection. We can only take care of ourselves, and seek to provide the example of how it strengthens us spiritually.

I apologize for that rant, but I felt that it was something that needed to be shared.

And finally, I would like to share with you something that companions in the MTC and out in the mission field do to strengthen their relationships. It can be found on page 150 in the book Preach My Gospel. This is called a companionship inventory, and the purpose I can see in it is to prepare us for strengthening our most sacred relationships - those between our spouses, and families. In a companionship inventory, you seek to strengthen your relationship by noting the strengths of your companionship and the weaknesses, as well as setting goals to strengthen those weak points. All of this advice and counsel and planning is done in a spirit of love, and if you are suc
cessfully completing a companionship inventory, you will have the spirit of love as well as the Holy Ghost with you. Could I challenge you to complete one of these with someone you feel you need to strengthen the relationship with?

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